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Year 4 - home learning

Message from Mrs Humphreys


 Home learning - week commencing 20/4

Download the PDF to see learning activities for this week.

 Year 4 - Summer week 1

Remember if you need any help or your parents need to speak to us, you can contact either of us by email dhumphreys@pudseylowtown.org.uk.uk or sltew@pudseylowtown.org.uk .  We'd love to hear from you and see what you've been getting up to at home.

Home learning - week commencing 27/4

Hi Year 4 - we hope you are all well and keeping safe at home.   Please download the PDF to see your learning activities for this week.   The whole school is learning about climate change and we've got to research the greenhouse effect - look forward to hearing what you find out.

 Year 4 - Summer week 2

 Home learning - week commencing 4/5

Hello everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks suggested home learning.   Keep in touch!

 Year 4 - summer week 3

 Invertebrates hunt

 Invertebrates classification

Home learning - week commencing 11/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks suggested home learning.    You can now download the maths worksheets below.   As a school we will be learning about VE Day this week.

 Year 4 - summer week 4

 Lesson 1 - Correspondence

 Lesson 2 - Perimeter of a rectangle

 Lesson 3 - Perimeter

 Lesson 4 - Counting Squares

 KS2 VE Day presentation

Home learning - week commencing 18/5

Hello everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks learning activities.   It's an art/DT focus this week and we'd love to see what you produce.

 Year 4 - Summer week 5

 Lesson 1 - What is a fraction?

 Lesson 2 - Equivalent fractions (1)

 Lesson 3 - Equivalent fractions (2)

 Lesson 4 - Fractions greater than 

Home learning - week commencing 1/6

Hi everyone - hope you enjoyed your 'break' from home learning last week and the sunshine.   This week school is learning about well-being and how important it is to look after yourself and be happy.   Remember the activities for the afternoon are just suggestions and you could do something a bit different about the topic.   Keep in touch!

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 1

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Activity 1 - Emotion Wheel

 Activity 2 - Mood Tracker

 Well-being activities

 Activity 6 - Mindfulness through art

Home learning - week commencing 8/6

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see this week's home learning activities.   As it should have been the Olympics this summer, this will be our whole school focus.

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 2

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Olympic Factfile

Home learning - week commencing 15/6

Hi everyone - I know most of you will now have your new "learning packs" but you can still access things on here.   The packs should help you to organise your day - it is really important that you keep up with your learning.   It's been a long time since you were in school and we know it's hard to keep going with home learning but it is important.  Hopefully the packs will mean you can just get on with your school work without having to be online all the time but if you do need any help please contact us .  We're all in school and available to talk you through anything.   

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 3

 Maths - lesson 1

 Maths - lesson 2

 Maths - lesson 3

 Maths - lesson 4

 English - Amazing Aliens

 Key Stage 2 - Ocean Science plan

 Science - Layers of the Ocean

Home learning - week commencing 13/7

Hi everyone - this will be the last week or your home learning plans and I've attached the PDF in case you weren't able to pick up your pack.   There is also a summer learning pack for you to use over the holidays which is available as a hard copy due it's size - if you can't pick up please contact school and we will sort something out.   It's not the same as your weekly plan but includes lots of different activities for you to practise.    We can't wait for everyone to be back in school in September and have been really busy planning lots of exciting things to do!    I'll be putting a video on the website next week for you and your new teachers will be putting one on  the week before we come back with pictures of your new classroom and instructions for the new school year.   Take care everyone and don't forgot you can still contact me.

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 7 - Part 1

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 7 - Part 2

 Year 4 - Summer 2 - week 7 - Part 3