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Year 5- Home learning

Message from Mr McLean


Home learning - week commencing 20/4 

Download the PDF to see learning activities for this week. 
 Year 5 - Summer week 1
 Monday - storyboard
Remember if you need any help or your parents need to speak to me, you can contact me on my email jmclean@pudseylowtown.org.uk.   

Home learning - week commencing 27/4

Hello Year 5 - hope you are all keeping safe and well.   Please download the PDF to see your learning activities for this week.   Don't forget you can contact me either by email or through google classroom.

 Year 5 - Summer week 2

Home learning - week commencing 4/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF for this weeks home learning activities.   Keep in touch!

 Year 5 - Summer week 3

 English - biography

 Science - Forces

Home learning - week commencing 11/5

Hello everyone - please download the PDF for this weeks home learning activities.   As a school, we are focusing on VE Day.    You can now download the White Rose worksheets below.

 Year 5 - summer week 4

 Lesson 1 - Area of rectangles

 Lesson 2 - equivalent fractions

 Lesson 3 - Convert improper fractions

 Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions

 VE Day Comprehension

 VE Day presentation

 Second World War presentation

Home learning - week commencing 18/5

Hi Year 5 - please see attached this weeks PDF for home learning.   It's an art/DT focus across school this week - don't forget to send me any pictures of your finished pieces.

 Year 5 - Summer week 5

 Lesson 1 - Add and subtract fractions

 Lesson 2 - Add fractions

 Lesson 3 - Add mixed numbers

 Lesson 4 - Subtract mixed numbers

 Online safety comprehension & spag

 Year 5 - Art activities

Home learning - week commencing 1/6

Hi everyone - hope you enjoyed the 'break' from home learning last week and the sunshine.   As usual you can access your learning on Google Classroom but there's also an additional focus this week as the whole school is learning about wellbeing which is below (and not on Google).   Keep in touch!

 Year 5 - Summer 2 - week 1

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Year 5 Comprehension

 KS2 Wellbeing focus unit

 Activity 1 - Emotion Wheel

 Activity 2 - Mood Tracker

 Wellbeing Activities

 Activity 6 - Mindfulness art activities

Home learning - week commencing 8/6

Hi everyone - please download the PDF for this week's home learning activities.   As it should have been the Olympics this Summer, this is what our whole school focus will be.

 Year 5 - Summer 2 - week 2

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Maths Flashback Friday

 Robots text

 Robots Comprehension questions

 Writing challenges

 Olympics challenges

Home learning - week commencing 15/6

Hi everyone - please see below our new home learning pack.   Most of you collected a hard copy last week but you can still access it from here and you can still use the White Rose video tutorials.   We know it's difficult at the moment to motivate yourselves which is why we have done it slightly differently this week.   If you're finding it hard to complete don't forget you can email Mr McLean any time to help you refocus.   Keep going everyone - you're doing great!

 Year 5 - Home learning pack - part 1

 Year 5 - home learning pack - part 2

 Year 5 - home learning pack - part 3

 Science - Layers of the Ocean

Home learning - week commencing 13/7

Hi everyone - please see attached our last learning plan for this school year.    As usual you can access the White Rose maths videos for this week online.    We have also created a summer learning pack which you can collect from school (if you haven't already).   Take care everyone!


 Year 5 - Home learning pack - part 1

 Year 5 - Home learning pack - part 2