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Year 2 - Home learning

Hello from Miss Brearey

Home Learning - week commencing 20/4

Download the PDF to see learning activities for this week.

 Year 2 - Summer week 1

 Einstein problems

 History research presentation

And here's some more of your stories read by Miss Brearey!

 Home learning - week commencing 27/4

Hi Year 2 - please download the PDF to see your learning activities for this week.   Thank you so much for your stories - I've uploaded another video of me reading them out.   This week I challenge you to beat me at TTRS - Year 2 -v- Miss Brearey - bring it on!!!!

 Year 2 - Summer week 2

 Week 2 Einstein problems

 Newspaper report template

 Year 2 Writers checklist

 What is climate change?

 Home learning - week commencing 4/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks home learning activities.   I look forward to seeing what you get up to this week - stay in touch!

 Year 2 - summer week 3

 Years 1 and 2 tricky words

 Year 2 ocean investigation

Home learning - week commencing 11/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks home learning activities.   As a school, we're focusing on VE Day this week.   For maths, although you can still access the videos on the Whiterose website - the worksheets are now downloadable below.

 Year 2 - Summer week 4

 Lesson 1 - Add and subtract 10s

 Lesson 2 - Add 2-digit numbers

 Lesson 3 - Subtract 2-digit numbers

 Lesson 4 - Bonds to 100 tens and ones

 Einstein problems - week 4

 KS1 VE Day

 Wartime recipes

 Design a VE Day medal

Home learning - week commencing 18/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see this weeks home learning.    It's an art focus this week - please send me your finished pieces.

 Year 2 - Summer week 5

 Lesson 1 - multiplication sentences

 Lesson 2 - Use arrays

 Lesson 3 - Two times table

 Lesson 4 - Five times table

 Einstein problems

Home Learning - week commencing 1/6

Hi everyone - hope you enjoyed your break from home learning last week (and the sunshine).   This week, the whole school will be learning about well-being and how to look after our own.

 Year 2 - Summer 2 - week 1

 Maths lesson 1

 Maths lesson 2

 Maths lesson 3

 Maths lesson 4

 Well-being activities

 Home learning - week commencing 8/6

Hi everyone - please download the PDF for this week's home learning.   This week the whole school is learning about the Olympics (as it was supposed to be happening this Summer).   Miss Brearey will be ringing children at home this week on Monday and Tuesday.

 Year 2 - Summer 2 - week 2

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Einstein problems

 SPAG and reading comprehension

 KS1 - Olympic resources

Home learning - week commencing 15/6

Hi everyone - I know most of you will be working from your home learning "pack" but you can still access things online from here.    As usual download the PDF to see this week's suggested timetable.    Also take a look at my video to find out about our new reward system for Year 2.

 Year 2 - Summer 2 - week 3

 Maths - lesson 1

 Maths - Lesson 2

 Maths - Lesson 3

 Maths - Lesson 4

 English - The Elves and the Shoemaker


 Key Stage 1 - Science focus

 Science - worksheets

Home learning - week commencing 22/6

Hi everyone - please see attached PDFs for this week's home learning activities.   Don't forget you can collect new learning activity packs for the next two weeks on Friday.   

 Year 2 - Home Learning Pack - Part 1

 Year 2 - Home Learning Pack - Part 2

 Year 2 - Home Learning Pack - Part 3