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GSO Test

Lesson 4 - Introduction to weight and mass

Year 1- Home learning

Message from Mrs Jones

Home learning - week commencing 20/4

Download the PDF to see learning activities for this week.

 Year 1 - Summer week 1

  Year 1 Writing checklist

Please email me at ejones@pudseylowtown.org.uk if you have any problems or if you would like to send me any work – it would be great to see what they have produced!

Home learning - week commencing 27/4

Hi everyone - please download the PDF to see your learning activities for this week.   Don't forget you can contact me if you need any help.   

 Year 1 - Summer week 2

 Little Red Riding Hood

Some additional resources for this week as requested.

 Additional maths challenges

 Can I fill in the adjectives

 Can I use adjectives and nouns

 Wolf wanted poster

Home learning - week commencing 4/5

Hello again - please download the PDF to see your learning activities for this week.     I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

 Year 1 - Summer week 3

 Letter from Mr Wolf

 Year 1 writing checklist

Home learning - week commencing 11/5

Hi everyone - please download the PDF for this weeks learning.      You can still use the videos for maths on the White Rose website but the worksheets are now downloadable below.

 Year 1 - Summer week 4

 Lesson 1 - Add by making ten

 Lesson 2 - Subtraction crossing ten

 Lesson 3 - Subtraction Crossing ten

 Lesson 4 - Compare number sentences

 Lesson 5 - Maths Challenges

 Describe how Stickman feels

 Postcard template

 KS1 - VE day presentation

 Design a VE Day medal

 Suitcase for evacuation

Home learning - week commencing 18/5

Hello everyone - please download the PDF for this weeks home learning.   It's an art focus this week - I can't wait to see what you produce!

 Year 1 - Summer week 5

 Lesson 1 - Compare length and height

 Lesson 2 - Measure length

 Lesson 3 - Measure length

 Lesson 4 - Introduction to weight and mass

 Lesson 5 - Recognise 3D shapes


Home learning - week commencing 1/6

Hi everyone - I hope you  enjoyed your break from home learning and spent some time outside in the sunshine.   This week the whole school is going to be learning about "well-being" and how to look after our mental health.

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 1

 Well-being activities

 Friday maths challenges

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

Home learning - week commencing 8/6

Hello everyone - please download the PDF for this week's home learning.   The whole school will be learning about the Olympics this week - enjoy!

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 2

 Lesson 1

 Lesson 2

 Lesson 3

 Lesson 4

 Lesson 5

 Tiddalik Book Review

 Bats Comprehension

 Barn Owls Comprehension

 KS1 Olympic Resource

Home learning - week commencing 15/6

Hi everyone - please download this week's suggested timetable and resources.   Lots of you will have your learning packs at home to work from instead but you can still access learning online too.   The packs are in order of maths, English and then science for each day to make it easier to work through.    Remember all the activities are suggested and you can work at your own pace.   You have been completing home learning for quite a long time now and I know it might be hard to get yourself motivated but try your best and as always you can email me anytime.    Keep going - you are doing great.   Take care - Mrs Jones

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 3

 Maths lesson 1

 Maths lesson 2

 Maths lesson 3

 Maths lesson 4

 English - Sayeeda the Pirate Princess

 Key stage 1 - Science worksheets

Home learning - week commencing 22/6

Hi everyone please see the home learning activity below as PDFs - we've had to split the pack into three but it is in order.   Don't forget new packs will be ready to collect this Friday for the next two weeks.     If you need any help please email or ring me at school.   Take care everyone!

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 4 - A

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 4 - B

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 4 - C

Home learning - week commening 13 July 

Hi everyone - this will be the last week or your home learning plans and I've attached the PDF in case you weren't able to pick up your pack.   There is also a summer learning pack for you to use over the holidays which is available as a hard copy due it's size - if you can't pick up please contact school and we will sort something out.   It's not the same as your weekly plan but includes lots of different activities for you to practise.    We can't wait for everyone to be back in school in September and have been really busy planning lots of exciting things to do!    I'll be putting a video on the website next week for you and your new teachers will be putting one on  the week before we come back with pictures of your new classroom and instructions for the new school year.   Take care everyone and don't forgot you can still contact me.

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 7 - A

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 7 - B

 Year 1 - Summer 2 - week 7 - C