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Updated school procedures - COVID19

Arrival and collection times from 8th March 2021

As per guidance from the DfE and the Local Authority; we have implemented staggered drop-off and collection times to allow for social distancing and to avoid the mixing of 'bubbles'. Please ensure that you come to school at the designated times and avoid gathering in groups with other parents and children when dropping off and collecting your child. Please see below for drop-off and collection times.

Year Group Gate Drop off time Collection time
Reception  Gate 1 (KS1 playground) 9.05am 3.00pm
Year 1 Gate 2 (car park) 8.50am 3.10pm
Year 2 Gate 2 (car park) 8.55am 3.15pm
Year 3 Gate 1 (KS1 playground) 9.00am 3.20pm
Year 4 Gate 1 (KS1 playground) 8.55am 3.15pm
Year 5 Gate 1 (KS1 playground) 8.50am 3.10pm
Year 6 Gate 2 (car park) 9.00am 3.20pm

Pupil & parent information

COVID19 symptoms at home flow chart:


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 Health and Safety / Risk Assessments

 Lowtown Covid-19 Risk Assessment March 2021 - V5.01 Section 4 (NB Section 3 N/A)

 Lowtown Covid-19 Risk Assessment March 2021 - V5.01 Section 2

 Lowtown Covid-19 Risk Assessment March 2021 - V5.01 Section 1

 Lowtown Covid-19 Risk Assessment March 2021 - V5.01 Cover Sheet

 Lowtown School Covid19 Risk Assessment - V3.5 9.10.2020

 Coronavirus Risk Management in Pudsey Lowtown Primary School (Cover Sheet)