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Updated school procedures - COVID19

Arrival and collection times from 15th June

For children in year 6 returning to school from the 15th June and children who from other year groups who are on our vulnerable/key worker list; the following information will apply with regards to drop off and collection of children.

Year Group Gate Drop off time Collection time Classroom
Reception & Year 1 2 (car park) 9am 3.20pm Year 1
Year 2 & Year 3 1 (playground) 9am 3.20pm Outside classroom
Year 4 & Year 5 1 (playground) 8.50am 3.10pm Year 3
Year 6 (A) 2 (car park) 8.50am 3.10pm Year 4
Year 6 (B) 1 (playground) 9.10am 3.30pm Year 6

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 Coronavirus Risk Management in Pudsey Lowtown Primary School (Cover Sheet)