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Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown School
"The thing I like about our school is that I can trust every teacher and I feel safe"
"At this school it's good because we are all treated equally and there's always fun learning"
"The teachers at our school
are very kind and caring towards every single one of us"
"The thing I like about my school is that each and every one of us gets fantastic learning opportunities"
Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

P.E. in the curriculum

In physical education children take part in a wide variety of activities. They learn that being active is fun and that it is important to lead an active lifestyle. At the beginning of their school life children learn and explore basic movement skills, they develop these skills throughout their time at Pudsey Lowtown and leave as confident movers able to play a wide range of sports.

As of September 2013 Key Stage 1 and years 3, 5 and 6 participate in an afternoon of PE enabling them to do 2 hours of PE per week. Year 4 have 1 hour per week of PE in school and have a swimming session each week at Pudsey Leisure Centre.  The children walk to and from the Leisure Centre to increase their walking stamina and general fitness.  Children experience dance, gymnastics, games, outdoor and adventurous activities and athletics. 

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 participate in a new scheme called Real PE for one of their sessions. It is a fundamental skills based programme which develops agility, balance and co-ordination. The scheme was introduced to ensure the new PE curriculum was being taught efficiently. During the 2nd hour of Reception and Key stage one PE they take part in gymnastics, dance and games sessions.

Key Stage 2 are also allocted a full afternoon of PE to ensure they participate in 2 hours of curriculum PE per week.  The afternoon is split into 2 sessions: the first hour is called a F.A.S.T session which stands for fitness, agility, stamina, time. These abilities were identified as areas of development for children at Lowtown. To improve children’s fitness they take part in aerobics, circuit training, running and games. The second session is a skill based session where the focus is on dance, gymnastics, games, outdoor and adventurous activities and athletics.

In gymnastics children use the large apparatus which enables them to develop their gross motor skills (climbing, jumping, balance etc). They play a wide variety of team games and make great use of the outside areas. Lessons involving the use of small apparatus (bats, balls, skipping ropes etc) develop the children's fine motor skills, such as catching, throwing and hand/eye co-ordination. During the summer the children participate in athletics on the track on the school field and learn the fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing events.

Children in Key Stage 2 attend gym magic to experience gymnastics in a different setting with specialist equipment under the guidance of a specialist gymnastics coach. When appropriate, children use facilities and staff at Crawshaw Secondary Academy to enhance their learning.  For the whole of the school year children in Year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons at Pudsey Leisure Centre, where they are taught by trained instructors. The programme includes water confidence, safety and stroke technique.

As a school the children participate in many sporting competitions including multi-skills, football, netball, cricket, athletics, sports hall athletics and rugby. The school ethos promotes healthy competition, teaching the children to do their best and being gracious in victory and defeat.  The school also runs a wide variety of after school clubs throughout the year, some of which are led by coaches from local teams, specialist dance coach teachers and the site supervisor.  These include football, athletics, netball, rugby, cricket, dance, multi skills, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and sports hall athletics.