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Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown School
"The thing I like about our school is that I can trust every teacher and I feel safe"
"At this school it's good because we are all treated equally and there's always fun learning"
"The teachers at our school
are very kind and caring towards every single one of us"
"The thing I like about my school is that each and every one of us gets fantastic learning opportunities"
Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Our staff

The senior leadership team of the school comprises of:

Mrs Armitage - Headteacher

Mrs Tew - Deputy Headteacher

Mr McLean - Core Subject Leader


Child Protection Team:



 Mrs Coleman
          Mrs Armitage           Mrs Coleman Mrs Tew

Learning Mentor / HLTA

 Year 4

       Deputy Headteacher       


Special Educational Needs

Mrs Benson - SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) 


 Classes are currently taught as follows 

Class Teacher(s) Teaching Assistant(s)

Mr Humphreys

Mrs Benson

Miss Page

Mrs Knowlton

Year 1

Mrs Riley Mrs Cotton
Year 2 Miss Brearey

Mr Goodwin


Year 3

 Mrs Allsop

Mrs Duffy
Year 4

Mrs Humphreys

Mrs Tew

Mrs Crowson


Year 5

Mr McLean

Mrs Hampshire

Year 6

Miss Schofield

Mrs Benson

Mrs Sharp

 We have a number of staff working to support children across school:

Mrs Coleman - Learning Mentor and HLTA

Mrs Knowlton - Teaching Assistant (Speech & Language Specialist) and HLTA

 In addition, many of the teaching assistants deliver interventions in a range of subjects during the afternoons.


Office staff:

Mrs Nichols - School Business Manager

Miss Shevill - Receptionist / Administration Support Assistant

Mrs Ransom - Administration Assistant


Buildings and Maintenance staff:
Mr Kite - Site Manager
Mrs Kirk-Dooley - Gardener
Mrs Milner - Cleaner
Mrs L. Denton - Cleaner
Miss B. Denton - Cleaner
Before and after school club staff:
Hannah Whiteley - Manager
Ginene Rhodes - Assistant Manager
Sarah Roundhill - Play Worker
Kitchen and Lunch Time Staff:
Mrs Yeadon - Cook
Mrs Dibb - Kitchen Assistant


Mrs Holdsworth - Lunchtime Leader
Mrs Milner - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Parker - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Huddart - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss C Denton - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss B. Denton - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs G. Rhodes - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs. C. Marsden - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Davidson - Lunchtime Assistant